Checkmate A1500 Mini - Van Helsing Complete Package (RasPi 4) (Black)

A complete package of the Checkmake A1500 Mini case for a Raspberry Pi4

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This set consists of the Checkmate A1500 mini case (deluxe version) and the Van Helsing installation kit for the Raspberry Pi4.

That means: It's everything you need to give your Raspberry Pi4 a nice case!

* A black Checkmate A1500 mini case
* A mounting frame incl. all needed cables for a Raspberry Pi4 (not included)
* A power supply (200W) incl. all needed cables for configuration
* A preconfigured SD Card with a pre-setup Amiga System

Install, power on, have fun :)

Checkmate A1500 Mini
Raspberry Pi4
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