RetroN 77 HDMI Console (VCS2600)

6The Retron77 is an Atari VCS2600 clone console with HDMI output

€71.43 (tax excl.)

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It features a high compatibility, does even work with paddles, can run all original cartridges or load ROMs from SD Card and it has a native HDMI output which means you can easily connect it to your TV.

It plays any game from any region and you can switch between 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio.
It's emulation-based using Stella. You can save and load your game anytime!

You can use original controllers on it if you like, but it also has one included.
It's powered via a standard Micro-USB Power supply, so you won't have any problems getting a new one in case you ever need one.

One of the coolest features is the "Fry"-Button: Have you ever played around with the VCS2600 removing and reinserting cartridges while the console was switched on, to get weird glitches and other stuff in games?
Well, the Fry-Button does simulate that - so grab your favorite games and glitch away!

The Highlights:

* Supports 2600 cartridges and original joysticks and paddles
* Upscales to 720p HD with 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratio Button
* Two (2) controller ports with one (1) premium controller packed in (10 ft. cable)
* On-board: mode select, color change (color/B&W), and save states
* Included memory card slot (and memory card) for loading ROMs and firmware updates
* 3 ft. HDMI cable
* 6 ft. Micro cable with USB AC adapter

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