Phytium D2000 ARMv8 Mini PC

An ARM Desktop Mini PC with 512GB NVMe, 16GB RAM and an RX550 GPU.

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You like ARM processors more than Intel and would like to have a small, power-saving but powerful MiniPC with ARMv8 processor?

Now is your chance to get your hands on one!

Important information about the PC:

Included is an 80W US power supply, so you might need a small adapter plug to use it or buy a fitting power supply. For general usage, the 80W power supply is more than enough - but if you do CPU / GPU or similar heavy tasks, you might want to switch to a 120W power supply (otherwise, the PC occassionally crashes).

Here's some information about the PC:

The Phytium D2000 ARMv8 Mini PC offers not only a fast processor but also a dedicated AMD RX 550 (MXM 3.0a)graphics card with 2GB VRAM installed in the PCIe slot.
This makes it suitable not only as an Internet, office or graphics editing PC, it is also great for gaming and emulation.

Thanks to the x86/64 emulator Box86/Box64 from ptitSeb you can also run many closed source Intel programs. In combination with WINE you can even run many Windows programs.

2% of the sales price of each Mini-PC goes directly to the developer of Box86/Box64. This then also benefits other ARM devices (e.g. the Pyra).

The recommended Linux distribution for the small PC is Ubuntu Kylin but OpenSUSE or Debian can also be installed without problems.
The UEFI bios allows a standard installation of the distribution via a bootable installation USB stick.

Since the Qualcomm AR 8035 Gigabit Ethernet card integrated on the board doesn't work well with all distributions yet, an additional USB Ethernet adapter is included with the computer.

The Mini-PC offers one PCI Express8x slot for expansion cards (which is where the RX 550 (MXM 3.0a) is installed, but you could upgrade it, if you like).

Technical Details
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Phytium D2000 ARMv8
HDMI 2.0b 4k/60Hz
M.2 Slot (2280)
RJ-45 Network (10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps)
USB-A 2.0
USB-A 3.0
225mm x 187mm x 47mm