Is my Pyra ready?

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This little page can be used to check whether your Pyra is ready to be shipped or not.
Usually, you should receive an email once it's ready - however, sometimes the email doesn't arrive.
Maybe your email address has changed, maybe it landed in your spam filter for some reason. There are multiple reasons it could fail.

That's not a problem though! By entering your order number here, you can check if your unit is ready - and it also spits out the links so you can directly finish your order.
The order number is the 9-digit letter-code you received when you placed your order. It can be found on your invoice, in your confirmation email or when you log into the shop.

It's not case sensitive. In case you can't find your order number anymore, please do contact us via

Be sure to include as many details as you can (invoice number, name, email address) so we can easily check and confirm your order.

Please enter your order number;

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