F(x) Tec Pro1 Display Replacement Service

We replace your display. The display is included in the price.

€74.79 (tax excl.)
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This is a full service for replacing the LCD of your F(x) Tec Pro1 with a new one.

The LCD is included in the price.

How does it work?

You place the order for the replacement.
Shortly after (usually within a day), you will receive an eMail with informations where you need to send your device.
You will have to send the device to us on your own - the shipping costs from our shop only include the costs for shipping it back to you.

Keep in mind that the device has a battery included - so make sure your delivery service does allow that.

Your device might need a touchscreen firmware update in order to make the touchscreen work properly!
This can either be done by yourself afterwards (we will provide you with the needed software) or we can do that for you.
Please note that we need to have FULL ACCESS to your device if we should do that for you - so you either need to let us know your pin or allow us to fully reset the device to factory settings!

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