Info about pre-ordered products

You have pre-ordered a product from us and would like to know what the current status is?
This page will help you. Everything we know about the pre-ordered products as well as an estimated delivery date, we keep up to date here!

Games from PIKO Interactive

The following games from PIKO Interactive are still expected:
Broken Circle, Top Gear 2 Coleco

All other games have already arrived and shipped. Unfortunately, we had ordered too few copies of Broken Circle - that was our mistake. :(
As soon as we have more detailed information, we will post it here.

Games / Hardware from RetroBit

Assault Suits Valken:
The officially announced date is the second quarter of 2024 - but according to my information, it should actually be much faster here, as the game is already ready for mass production.


The current shipment of Everdrives were sent to us on February 21.
From experience, delivery including customs takes between 2 and 4 weeks. We are therefore expecting the pre-ordered Everdrives in mid-March.