Info about pre-ordered products

You have pre-ordered a product from us and want to know what the current status is?
This page should help. Everything we know about the pre-ordered products as well as an estimated delivery date will be posted here.

Games from PIKO Interactive

The following games from PIKO Interactive have been shipped and are on the way to us:
Legend of Wukong, Stone Protectors (SNES), Mega Noahs Ark, Jim Power (MegaDrive), Tyrannosaurus Tex, Broken Circle, Wster Margin, Switchblade I (MegaDrive), 40 Winks.

The following games are expected in December:
Iron Commando, Switchblade I (Jaguar), Tinhead, Thunderbolt II, Canon - Legends Of The New Gods, Brave Battle Saga, Jim Power (NES), Gourmet Warriors, Legend, Impossamole (Jaguar), Stone Protectors (MegaDrive),
Top Racer Coleco Arcade, Moto-X

Games / Hardware from RetroBit

Hammerin'Harry (NES), Sol-Deace (MegaDrive), El Viento (MegaDrive):
These games are currently in production at RetroBit and are scheduled to be ready to be shipped on November 15th.
They will be shipped to Europe overseas which can take 4 - 8 weeks. With a bit of luck, we'll receive these in December, otherwise it should be January 2024.

Assault Suits Valken:
While the original date has been set to Q2 / 2024, from what I heard from Retro-Bit, it might actually arrive faster as they're almost ready to start the production.

SEGA Saturn 2.4GHz Pro Controller (wireless)
The controller is in production and with luck will be expected in late 2023, otherwise early 2024.

Controller from RetroFighters Team

Hunter XBOX® wireless controller:
Due to a firmware bug found during beta testing (but already fixed), the controller has been delayed until mid-January.
There is one good thing about this delay though: The controller has been rebuilt so that future firmware updates via USB are easily possible.

Products from GPD

The GPD Win Max 2 with a 7840U CPU are on the way to us and should arrive in the next few days.
The GPD Win 4 and GPD Win Mini should follow shortly after, so we expect them to arrive middle to end of December.ill keep you posted.

The fastest way to get one of the GPD units at the moment is actually to pre-order and be patient. Because almost every time we have at least as many pre-orders as we receive devices. We don't think we'll have significant inventory before 2024.