AmigaOS 3.2 – Das Handbuch (German)

A practical guide to the Amiga operating system for beginners, advanced users and professionals.

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"AmigaOS 3.2 - Das Handbuch" is the comprehensive reference work on the current Amiga operating system. The book presents the operating system from A to Z and gives tips and tricks for efficient use, explained simply and comprehensibly.

The book is aimed at ambitious users who want to master the basics of the operating system, learn more in-depth techniques and gain an insight into the possibilities for advanced use of the system. It is also intended to whet the appetite for using the system and getting back into it, and to pave the way for the basics beyond the operating system.

You will get a comprehensive overview of the AmigaOS 3.2 including the updates up to How to install the operating system correctly and easily, which settings are necessary for basic operation, what are the different tools, commodities and utilities used for?

In addition, there is a deep insight into the Amiga shell with all commands and variants. You will also learn everything about the use and function of individual start sequences, the AmigaGuide system, shortcuts and error codes or ARexx.

Finally, the book also provides an overview beyond the pure operating system functions, including the connection to the Internet, data exchange and the sensible expansion of the hardware with extensions. With many detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions, the book will enable you to use and expand AmigaOS 3.2 according to your requirements and expectations.

"AmigaOS 3.2 - Das Handbuch" comprises 512 pages and comes in hardcover.
It is fully written in German language.

From the contents:

  • Installation on Classic, Emulation and Mini
  • Installation of the Kickstart ROMs in all Amigas
  • Basics of the operating system
  • System optimization with Prefs
  • Using tools, utilities and commodities correctly
  • The shell: all commands explained in detail
  • Power users: Scripts, ARexx and co.
  • Next steps: Internet, data transfer and USB
  • Amiga expansion: Hardware and software
  • Service: Tips and tricks, shortcuts, glossary and much more.
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