Checkmate A1500 Mini Case - Deluxe Edition (Black)

A nice looking desktop case for MiniITX mainboards or mini computers like the Mister or Raspberry Pi4.

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The Checkmate A1500 Mini case is the smaller variant of the A1500 Plus case.
Therefore, you can't fit an original Amiga motherboard in there but instead a standard Mini ITX mainboard or, for an example, a device like the Raspberry Pi4 or a Mister together with a Mini ITX fitting kit.

So basically: Build an Amiga (or any other emulated retro computer) with a beautiful case.

The front panels are the same ones as for the A1500 Plus case, except that the Mini only has one instead of two like the A150 Plus.

You can also put in a normal CD / DVD drive or similar 5 1/4" devices into the slot instead of a front panel.

The basic case includes the Tray with attached rear panel, the drive tray, the front injection molded front panel with LED board, a blank panel insert, power switch and lead, LED cables, screw pack, plain brown packaging and downloadable PDF electronic copy of the manual.

The deluxe version includes the same as standard but adds the 3.5 standard drive and DVD panel inserts, the DVD tray for LG GS40N slot loading drive, the PSU support bracket, colour packaging with external protective brown box and a printed deluxe manual.

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