Keycap-set for cherry MX switches (White and beige) (International variant)

A keycap set or cherry MX Switches (and compatible clones)

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These keycaps are only for keyboards with Cherry MX switches or the clone MX versions like the keyboard available in our shop.
They CANNOT be used with real Amiga keyboards!

They are trying to balance Amiga style and look with using mass market components to try and bring the best of both worlds in lowish pricing but also with quality mechanical key switches.

These are not completely accurate, the biggest diference is that these are ANSI keycap sets when Amiga keycaps were always ISO. The difference is the big main enter keycap which on ISO is much bigger. Unfortunately, this could not be helped as ANSI keyboards are the most widely used ones, so it'a hard getting custom made caps for other systems.

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