TheC64 Mini
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TheC64 Mini

The official replica of the legendary C64 computer, with 64 built-in games

€42.02 (tax excl.)

TheC64Mini is the smallest edition of the official C64 replicas, perfect for bringing your favourite C64 games back to life.

64 games are included, thanks to the USB port you can add your own as you like (the current firmware also supports disk swapping, firmware updates can easily be done via a USB stick).

The mini-keyboard, however, is only decoration - it doesn't work, but it looks great. But you can plug in a normal USB keyboard if you want.
For most C64 games the on-screen keyboard is sufficient - unless you don't plan to play text adventures ;)

A joystick (based on the legendary Competition Pro) is included, it has additional buttons for comfortable operation.

TheC64 Mini is powered via USB (a power supply is NOT included). If your TV has a built-in USB port, this is often sufficient.
It is connected via HDMI.

If desired, a scanline / CRT emulation can be activated to offer a more authentic game feeling, and game saves can be stored.

A cool plug and play mini console with which you can play C64 games quickly and easily.

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