Covid-19 - current status information

We hope that you're all still healthy - luckily, we are. And we're shipping each day, as usual.

However, that doesn't mean that Covid-19 doesn't affect our shop. On this page, you will find the current restrictions due to Covid-19.

1. Longer delivery times

Both FedEx (international shipments) and DHL (shipments inside Germany) have notified us that delivery might take longer than usual.
Our own experiences have shown that FedEx is still as fast as usual, but sometimes, it can take one or two days longer.

UPS doesn't seem to have any delays at the moment and delivery as fast as usual.

Standard postal carriers use boats to deliver overseas - so these packages take a bit longer than usual.
A package to the USA takes 30 days or longer - and while the package is on the ocean, there will NOT be any tracking updates!

2. Carrier restrictions

Warenpost (World) doesn't deliver to all countries at the moment!

Before placing your order, check that a delivery is possible:

If a delivery is NOT possible at the moment and you place an order, we'll hold onto it until a delivery is possible again.

It is still possible to use FedEx or UPS Express Saver, but both are more expensive.

These are all currently known issues. We will update this page in case something changes.

Stay healthy!