Recommend us and save money!

Our bonus program can bring you big discounts!

All registered customers can use our bonus program. You can find it in the account settings.

This is what you can get:

1. For each valid order (over 10 EUR) you place yourself, you will receive 1% credit of it for your next order.

2. You can also distribute links or sponsor code in forums, on YouTube or to friends. Should this lead to an order, you will receive 2% of the purchase value as a voucher! (Only from the 1st order of each new customer and only if the order is higher than 10 EUR).

* Note: There are NO bonus points on discounted products!

That's how it works:

1. You do not have to do anything when you place your own orders - these are automatically taken into account.

2. You can find the sponsor code or a link specially tailored to you in your account settings under "Sponsorship Program"

3. If you want to link to a certain product in a forum, you will find the link directly on the product page.

4. In the account settings, you can track exactly how much money you have already collected - and then convert this at any time into a coupon use that to buy stuff from us!

This is not how it works:

* The accumulated bonus points are valid for 365 days. After that the value expires.

* Please do not cheat: If we notice that someone is cheating (for example, several customer accounts and e-mail addresses created to recommend themselves), then these bonus points are deleted.

That's it - have fun!