Warranty and Return

Warranty / Guarantee

All our products sold are covered by the applicable warranty.

This means: If a defect occurs in the first 6 months, it will be exchanged free of charge without any discussion.

But even after that we are usually very accommodating: If the defect is not self-inflicted and can be easily repaired by us, we'll also do it for free!

It also does not matter if you have already tinkered yourself with the device: As long as the defect is not due to improper tinkering, the warranty is still valid for us. If, however, for example, Wifi is no longer working with a device, and we find a big, black soldering crater where the chip should berater ... yes, then we can't give any warranty anymore :)

So even after expiration of warranty, it's best to contact us: If we can help, then we'll do it!


As you probably know, you can revoke any product you buy from us within 14 days without any issues.

But what if you missed the deadline - because you didn't find time for testing it was a present?

Again: Please do contact us! It would not be the first time that we take back a product even after a month or more.

Keep in mind though that this still means that the product should only be briefly tested:
We will not take back controllers that have been played for 20 hours;)