Colecovision Ultimate SD Atarimax

Run Colecovision games from SD Card on the original hardware

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The Colecovision Ultimate SD cartridge is an advanced SRAM based multi-cart for the Colecovision game system.

Also included in the package is a 512MB SD Card with the OS preinstalled and two bonus games (Mario Bros. and Mr. Chin)

Product Overview

  • Powerful on-screen menu software supports interactive SD card directory browsing, including sorting of long filenames.
  • Menu software includes support for viewing screen shots and reading game manuals right on the Colecovision!
  • Cartridge RESET switch means you never have to power cycle your Colecovision to return to the game menu.
  • Supports MMC, SD and SDHC media cards.
  • Supports FAT and FAT32 Filesystem with full long filename support.
  • Requires NO PC software. Compatible with any Device/OS that can read/write a standard FAT formatted SD memory card.
  • Support for all currently used Colecovision bank switching methods, including "Mega-Cart" (up to 512KB) and Lord of the Dungeon NVRAM.
  • Automatic save of Lord of the Dungeon NVRAM to SD card in emulator compatible format!
  • C Programming API allows advanced users to write Colecovision software that can interact with the onboard CPU and SD card!


Technical Specs

  • Onboard 50 MIPS CPU w/ High Speed SD Card Interface
  • Advanced reprogrammable Bank Switching "Mapper" logic
  • 512KB SRAM
  • 128KB Block Flash Memory
  • Status LED

Each of the four major core components of the Ultimate SD design can be upgraded instantly by just placing new firmware files on the SD card and turning on the Colecovision!

Technical Details
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