OneMix Series 3 - German Keyboard Layout stickers incl. firmware (QWERTZ)

To be used with the german keyboard driver firmware (which can be downloaded here on this product page).

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In our opinion, the OneMix3 series has one of the best keyboards for UMPCs - but unfortunately not with a German keyboard layout.

Of course you can set a German layout in the operating system - but that doesn't work really well either, because a lot of keys are spread across the keyboard.

We changed that:
Together with the manufacturer, we have developed new firmware for the OneMix3 keyboard driver. If you flash this, you have a much more useful German layout.
And so that you also know where each key is located, there are matching keyboard stickers (abrasion-resistant and roughened) that you can put on the keyboard of the OneMix3.

Suitable for the entire OneMix3 series: OneMix3, OneMix3s, OneMix3 Platinum, OneMix3 Pro, ...

How dangerous is flashing the firmware?
Since only the keyboard driver is flashed, not much can happen here.
Even if the short update process is interrupted, the computer continues to boot without any problems - only the keyboard does not work.
If you then carry out the flash correctly again, it will run again. So there is no risk of bricks.

How does the flashing process work?
Flashing is currently only possible under Windows. If you use the device with Linux, you have to boot into some Windows for flashing (e.g. from an external data medium).
To flash, simply download the desired firmware directly from the product page here (US layout or DE layout).
There is an executable EXE file and a .hex file in the archive.

Start the EXE file, select the HEX file - and start it. That’s it.

You can always flash back to the original US layout if you want.

Technical Details
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OneMix3 DE-Layout

Firmware für ein deutsches Tastaturlayout für die OneMix3-Serie

file_download Download (564.61KB)

OneMix3 US-Layout

Firmware für die OneMix3-Serie für das originale US-Layout

file_download Download (557.53KB)