Sgt. Helmet Training Day (NES)
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Sgt. Helmet Training Day (NES)

An action-puzzle game for your NES.

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Shortly before his infamous adventure in Kartadmocia (where he was sent to rescue 40 rescueable damsels) – about a couple of weeks earlier -, Sgt. Helmet was rolling snots with his pinky while feeling incredibly bored and disatisfied with the training methods used in his base.

Mind you, he was a proud member of the top-3 thoughtest people on Earth alongside Chuck Norris and Kathleen Turner, and, in his opinion, jumping trampolines using jumping flip-flops and rolling under barbed wire in the mud was kind of depressing.

That’s why fellow warriors Sgt. Pepperpot, Col. Miguel and Alm. Adamant designed an all-new training field for their good fellow Sgt. Helmet so he could properly train for an always possible, upcoming war or rugby match.

The very day Jimmy the Lemur, his own pet, became of age (do the math: 15 lemurean years equal 4 dog years), the fellow warriors had something for Helmet: he got his eyes blindfolded, his lips rouged, and dressed with a cute blue taffeta blouse with matching skirt. Then he was told “we are sending you to a suicide mission to Kartadmocia – but before you have to pay us a little favor: set five bombs in the Defence Ultra Large Level computer, the DULL, and the come back to the base. Like?”. Still astonished, while inspecting the field maps about the location of the DULL computer, Helmet answered “Like”.

Then, Helmet kissed Jimmy goodbye while he was putting out the last candle in the cake, carefully folded the taffeta clothes and put them back for more important commitments, put on his military boots (one marked with a red tag, other with a green one, so he would not be confused on which to put in each foot) and namesake helmet, and got ready for the mission!

You control Sgt. Helmet – your mission is collecting 5 bombs, setting them in the DULL computer, and then return to the base. Use keycards to open closed gates and kill every clone soldier if he stands in your way. You can destroy the barbed wire to progress (but avoid touching them!) as well. But beware! Bullets are prized and you better save them. You can refill your ammo with the magazines you will find across the map – but you better be savvy. Use boulders to block lasers so your ass doesn’t get burned and… GOOD LUCK!

Fight your way through various screens and back to accomplish your mission. It's a nice combination of a puzzler and an action shooter.

The game runs on all NES consoles (PAL and NTSC), though you might need to change the region in case it doesn't work in your console.
To do that, press RESET a couple of times when the NES is switched on and the red light is blinking until the game is working fine.
The game remembers the setting, so you only need to do that once.

Comes on cartridge with an english and spanish manual and a nice packaging.

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