Intrepid Izzy (Dreamcast)

A brand new platform game by the Senile Team for your Dreamcast!

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Intrepid Izzy is a new platform game for your Sega Dreamcast created by the Senile Team!
It features a lot of explorable platforming action. Find different costumes which provide you with different powers to find new areas in levels and hidden secrets.

Fans of classic 2D platformers will love this game - it has huge worlds to explore and absolutely stunning graphics and animations.
A game not to miss out on the Dreamcast!

- 640x480 resolution, 50 or 60 fps (depending on display type)

- VMU support
- Supports both Gamepad and Arcade Stick, which can be separately configured
- Fully configurable controls
- Supports PAL, NTSC and VGA
- Region free
- Ultra smooth animations (literally thousands of frames!)
- Gameplay mixes platformer, beat 'em up and adventure elements
- Find 6+ different costumes, each with their own special powers
- Funny dialogues
- 25 enemies + 7 bosses
- Many secrets to find
- 25 achievements to unlock
- Large levels to explore

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