Xenocider (Dreamcast)
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Xenocider (Dreamcast)

A cool new 3D Action game for your Sega Dreamcast

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Xenocider is a labour of love, and the result of countless video-meetings at unearthly hours in order to create an epic arcade experience that doesn’t just make the developers  proud but also pays homage to the classics they grew up with.

But makes Xenocider special?

* Game mechanics: easy to play, difficult to master.
* Completely customizable controls.
* Supports arcade stick, VMU, vibration pack, and also the official Twin Stick!
* A brand new, made from scratch engine called Dreamer.
Stable 60 fps!
* 480p and VGA support.
7 worlds with alternate routes… and much more.
* Upgradable skills.
Unlockable game modes and achievements!
* A rocking soundtrack by producer and keyboardist Juanjo Martín.

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