Gaelco Arcade 2 (Evercade Arcade Cartridge 6)

The Gaelco Arcade 2 cartridge for Evercade features 6 action-packed arcade games from Spanish developer Gaelco.

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The Gaelco Arcade 2 cartridge for Evercade features 6 action-packed arcade games from Spanish developer Gaelco, featuring Big Karnak’s hack-and-slash fun, TH Strikes Back’s sci-fi platforming, World Rally 2’s high-speed racing, Maniac Square’s brain-bending puzzling, and competitive sporting action with Squash and Touch and Go!


Big Karnak

Genre: Platformer
Players: 1-2

Big Karnak was one of Gaelco’s earliest, most popular games, and now you can enjoy it on Evercade! Hack and slash your way through ancient Egypt on a quest to rescue your wife!

TH Strikes Back: Thunder Hoop 2

Genre: Platformer
Players: 1-2

In TH Strikes Back: Thunder Hoop 2, ten years have passed since the first Thunder Hoop. Genbreak is up to his old tricks, so it’s once again up to Thunder Hoop, now all grown up, to save the day. Enjoy this thrilling arcade hit, now for Evercade.

World Rally 2

Genre: Racing
Players: 1

World Rally 2, the visually spectacular follow-up to World Rally, brings more high-speed racing action to Evercade — this time with plenty of shortcuts to seek out, and much more varied courses to challenge!

Maniac Square

Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1-2

Maniac Square brings Gaelco’s take on the falling-block puzzler to Evercade. Match same-coloured blocks in lines of three or more horizontally, vertically or diagonally — and reach your quota before your time expires!


Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2

The high-speed racquet sport gets a rare video game adaptation with Gaelco’s simply named Squash, now for Evercade. Take to the court and outwit your opponent with your devious ball-bouncing manoeuvres!

Touch and Go

Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2

Touch and Go is a volleyball game by Gaelco, designed to be easy to learn but hard to master with its simple one-button controls. Play solo on the Evercade handheld, and compete or cooperate with a friend on Evercade VS.
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