Rod Land - Collector’s Edition (GameBoy) (Preorder)

A re-release of the classic game RodLand for your GameBoy!

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This is a preorder. As usual with RetroBit-Releases, this is a one-time production, so if you want to make sure to receive a copy, you should preorder.
The game is planned to be released around October 2024, preorders are open until Jul 8th.

The once calm and quiet Fairy Village has been attacked! Dark magic has turned the normally docile wildlife into hostile fiends and Tam and Rit have had their mother kidnapped! They will need to don the magic rods and rainbow shoes that their late father passed down to them and venture into Maboots Tower to rescue her. Take this portable adventure on the road through 40 scenes and partner up with a friend in 2-player hot-seat mode in this neat collector's edition for the GameBoy!

  • Silver Sparkle cartridge for Game Boy® 
  • Numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge packaging 
  • Full-colored instruction manual 
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