Evercade Alpha MegaMan Bartop Arcade (Preorder)

The Evercade Alpha MegaMan Bartop features 6 classic Capcom titles including Mega Man - The Power Battle, Final Fight, Strider and more!

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Note: This is a pre-order. The device is expected to be delivered on 28.11.2024.

The Evercade Alpha is the first Evercade Compatible arcade machine.

You can play any Evercade cartridges directly from the dual cartridge slot on the Alpha! Expand your game choice from a selection of over 50+ officially licensed physical cartridges and over 500 games! No downloads, no digital library. Expand to play even more arcade games, home console or home computer greats with zero setup or fuss. Just plug in and play.

The stick and buttons are of arcade quality - and if you want to play with two players, you can also connect another controller (not included) via USB, including arcade sticks of course.

Included are three interchangeable marquees, which - as with most real arcade machines - are illuminated.

The following Capcom classics are pre-installed on the device so that you can get started right away even without needing a game cartridge:

MEGA MAN - The Power Battle, MEGA MAN 2 - The Power Fighters, Strider, Knights of the Round, Final Fight and Carrier Air Wing.


  • Pre-assembled Bartop arcade unit
  • Integrated slot for two Evercade cartridges
  • Compatible with all Evercade cartridges
  • 6 integrated games
  • Competition quality arcade controls
  • 2 USB controller ports for local 2P multiplayer (controllers sold separately)
  • Compatible with Evercade and third-party USB controllers
  • 8-inch IPS screen with high resolution in 4:3 format
  • Illuminated, changeable marquee (3 designs included)
  • USB-C cable and plug included
  • ntegrated Wi-Fi for updates and functions
  • Stereo speakers
  • 35 mm headphone jack
  • Quick start guide

Unfortunately, we don't yet know how many devices we will receive - of course we hope that there will be enough for everyone, but as long as the manufacturer can't tell us exactly, we can't guarantee that. If there are actually too few devices, we will deliver in the order in which orders are received - and of course you can cancel at any time.

Technical Details
8 inch
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