GameForce (Green)

A handheld made by retro gaming enthusiasts, mostly aimed to run EmuElec.

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The GameForce is a handheld specifically for running the EmuElec distribution. It's not made by a huge chinese company but by a small group of enthusiasts, some even working on EmuElec.
This means that this handheld is the only one officially being supported by EmuElec - so you can be sure the system will receive updates and optimizations in the future.
It's not restricted to EmuElec though, you can also load other distributions like ArkOS, Batocera or even LineageOS 18.1 (for playing Android games). You can find download links further down.
The OS is being loaded directly from SD Card (up to 512GB, not included!), the installation is not very complicated (just flash an image onto the SD Card, see a video below).

It probably will not win a beauty contest (and not everyone will be a fan of these colors), but it has been created with love :)

The 640x480 screen is crystal clear and has a great viewing angle as well as a fast response time (no ghosting).
Both analog sticks are made by Alps (the same which are being used in the Vita) but don't have a stick click included.

While the design might look a bit weird at first, it has been designed to lay comfortable in your hand (which it does).

You can emulate all classic systems in fullspeed up to 32bit - and even most PSP games run flawlessly.
It also runs DreamCast and Saturn, though it can struggle a quite a bit here.

It's a great handheld if you're mostly interested in playing Retro games or ports of Linux games. It's very sturdy, has a good battery life and a fast CPU.
Included in the package is the carry case you can see in the pictures.

Installation Guide for EmuElec on the GameForce:

Download EmuELEC 4.2:
EmuELEC Test builds:
BATOCERA Test builds:
ArkOS for GameForce:
Join in EmuELEC Discord:
Join in GameForce Reddit community:
Android Lineage OS:

RockChip RK3326 (Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 1.5GHz)
3.5 Inch
Display resolution
Display Type
Wifi 2.4 GHz
Battery capacity
Special Features
Operating System
LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11)
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