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Pre-Flashed Cartridge (FlashKit Cart MD)

Your ROM on cartridge (FlashKit Cart MD inside a black shell)

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We flash your game onto a FlashKit Cart MD and ship it to you inside a black MegaDrive-Cartridge shell.

This is how it works:

* Order the amount of carts you want
* Send the ROM(s) to us
* We flash the ROM(s) and test the cartridge. We won't ship non-working carts!
* We ship the full cartridge to you

The FlashKit Cart MD does NOT support battery backed-up games.

More information about the flashcart can be found on its product page.

Please note:
We will NOT flash any obvious copyrighted material, so don't try to let us flash Repros for you.
We're only flashing your own ROMs or games that are freely available and have an appropriate license that allows us to flash it.

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