Pixel Frame PLAX - Banjo Kazooie

Pixel Frames Plax show beutiful 3D images of beloved games!

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Pixel Frames Plax are vivid bursts of 3-Dimensional art from the most iconic gaming titles while showcasing iconic artwork from gaming archives.  These officially licensed lenticular frames perfectly convey your love for retro gaming as exceptional animated displays to add to your collection! 

It never got old running around collecting Jiggies, Treble Clefs, Feathers, Eggs, and Jinjos with these pals by your side featuring Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo Jumbo!


* Officially-Licensed by Rare
* Size: 23cm x 30cm
* Easily displayed on walls and flat surfaces 
* Collectible lenticular artwork showcasing iconic gaming scenes

Technical Details