X One Adapter SE (XSX|S / Elite Series 2 to PS4 / Switch)

Use your XSX|S / Elite Series 2 Controller with your Switch / PS4 / PS4 games on PS5 / iOS / Android / PC(Steam) 

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Simply plug the X One Adapter SE into your XSX|S / Elite Series 2 controller to be able to use it on your PS4, PS5 (when running PS4 games) or Switch.
So basically, use your favourite controller on all your consoles, without the need for any additional adapter!

It supports Audio on the PS4 as well as 6-axis motion control on both the PS4 and Switch.

Additionally, the PS4 touchpad can be simulated.

The adapter offers a Turbo Button functionality, so you can easily add autofire to any button.
Additionally, all buttons can be remapped as well!

Obviously, the controller is not included :)

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