EDFX (PC-Engine / TurboGrafx)

A small adapter that plugs into the expansion port of your PC-Engiine / TurboGrafx to output RGB and stereo CD sound!

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The EDFX is a small adaper for the PC-Engine / TurboGrafx that adds RGB output as well as CD Stereo sound to your console.

As the TurboDuo is missing the expansion port, it won't work with this one.

The output connector is a standard MegaDrive2-compatible output, so it also works with MegaDrive-to-HDMI-Cables.

The features:

* CD stereo support for EverDrive
* RGB and composite video output
* Audio filtering and levels tuned to match IFU audio
* Compatible with MegaDrive2/Genesis2 video cables
* Can be used without EverDrive as standalone A/V expansion
* Compatible with TurboGrafx and PCE systems

Technical Details
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