Nintendo Switch Power Bay Bluetooth Adapter (Docking Station)

A compact docking/charging-station for your Nintendo Switch, supporting two GameCube controller ports, HDMI as well as two Bluetooth Headsets.

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A compact docking station for your Nintendo Switch - with some neat extra features!
Like the original docking station, it supports powering and charging the Nintendo Switch and offers HDMI output to connect it to a TV.

However, it's a lot smaller and also the possibility to connect two bluetooth headsets as well as two GameCube controller ports (in addition to the existing two Nintendo Switch controller ports).

Unlike the original docking station, you can also use this one without connecting it to a TV, as it has been designed in a way that allows viewing the screen of the Switch.
It also doesn't need a power supply (unless you want to connect it to a TV), so you can use it for gaming sessions with GameCube Controllers anywhere you are.

Here is a nice review video of the dock:

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