Scroll pHAT

Bazinga! Let your Pi talk back with this slick little 11 x 5 LED matrix pHAT.

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At the heart of Scroll pHAT is ISSI's IS31FL3730 matrix LED driver chip. It can drive multiple LED matrix and segment display formats and also supports controllable display brightness.

Scroll pHAT has a matrix of 5x11 (55 total) bright white LEDs that is ideal for scrolling messages, showing graphs, and drawing pictures. Use it to output your IP address, show CPU usage, make a scrolling name badge, or play pong or snake!


* 5x11 (55 total) bright white LEDs
* Matrix-wide brightness control (although not individual brightness control)
* IS31FL3730 matrix driver chip
* Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, and Zero
* Python library
* Female header requires soldering


The Scroll pHAT Python library makes controlling it really easy, and there's a veritable smorgasbord of examples including a binary clock, CPU activity readout, Conway's Game of Life, weather displays, and scrolling messages.

All it takes to scroll text on Scroll pHAT is about a dozen lines of code. Nifty!

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