GPD Win Max 2 - German keyboard (QWERTZ)

ONLY the German keyboard for the GPD Win Max 2

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A German replacement keyboard for the GPD Win Max 2. Ideal for all who have supported the GPD Win Max 2 on Indiegogo but would like to install a German keyboard. This is ONLY the German keyboard - no device, and no other case part (you can still see the case around the outside in the photo).

This is fully compatible with any OS - no need to tinker much. The only downer: The keyboard unfortunately has one key too few, the <>| - key is missing. No problem for normal applications - and Linux users or programmers can easily map this to a meta key.

Since we have to buy a minimum number of keyboards from GPD, please order in advance if you are interested in a German keyboard.

Note: In principle, there are two ways to exchange the keyboard. You can carefully pull off the keycaps and replace them with the German ones - or replace the complete keyboard (for this, the GPD Win Max 2 must be completely disassembled). We do not give any warranty for damage due to improper replacement!

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