Rainbow 2 Pro Combo (Wired, Bluetooth, 2.4G) (PC, Switch, Android, iOS)

A good, extremely configurable controller.

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You've never heard of this controller before? We hadn't either. But we put it through its paces - and yes: it's really good!
A real all-rounder, and at a really fair price, including accessories and charging station!


The connections

The Rainbow 2 Pro Combo is a controller that works with almost any system:

You can use  a Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Switch or any other device that supports USB or Bluetooth controllers.
Even PS4 and XBox work - but only if you connect an original PS4 or XBox controller to the USB dongle supplied.

It couldn't be more flexible:
You can connect the controller not only via Bluetooth or USB, but also via 2.4G using the included USB dongle.
This means you can also use it wirelessly on systems that do not have built-in Bluetooth.

Audio can also be transmitted when using the 2.4G connection. 

No matter which connection type you choose, there is hardly any delay. The polling rate is lowest with Bluetooth and highest with cable, but I've played various games from different genres myself and didn't notice any delay. We didn't actually measure it - but I've been playing games almost every day for 40 years. In practice, the controller works very well here.

Haptics and feel

The controller feels good in the hand, has a pleasant weight and a good grip thanks to the rubber coating (no soft coating that starts to get sticky after a few years!).

The buttons and sticks are all easy to reach and have a high-quality feel.

This brings us to a really cool special feature:


Sticks and DPad are plugged on and can be swapped quite easily, depending on how you prefer them.
A long analog stick can be positioned much more precisely - and with a shorter stick you can react much faster. So you can create the perfect controller for every game.
Another advantage: if the stick cap wears out, you can simply replace it.

With the DPad, this is probably also a matter of taste (I prefer the classic cross design). However, the DPad is also a small weak point of the controller:
This uses clicky microswitches. This makes it very precise and accurate (which is perfect for some games such as Magical Drop 3), but it is also loud and you can clearly feel every click, which can be quite annoying in other games.
However, this doesn't matter in modern games, which often only use the DPad for special functions.

The analog sticks are not Hall-effect sticks, but high-quality ALPS sticks, which are designed for 2 million movements.
BigBigWon has also developed its own technology, which checks the centering of the sticks during operation and corrects it if necessary, so that stick drifts are also prevented.
And for those who are afraid that you will notice this: No, it's actually not noticeable. I've tried various things to provoke errors here - but the stick always ran smoothly.

The four analog shoulder buttons, on the other hand, are Hall-effect triggers and are very precise and have a pleasant pressure point. And since many games require digital rather than analog triggers, you can limit the movement of two of the shoulder buttons with switches. This works without any problems and also feels natural.

But a note in advance: After switching, you have to press the shoulder buttons five to six times quickly. This makes controller recognize the limitation and automatically switch to the correct mode. Otherwise the triggers will not react correctly.

In addition, there are two freely configurable back buttons at the back and two top buttons next to the shoulder buttons. These can be assigned macros or keys.

There are also four buttons that can be used to quickly configure continuous fire or reassign buttons without software.

Configuration options

Here I can only say: Wow. This is where the controller really shows what it can do.

With the software for Android, iOS or Windows (you can download it here), you can not only conveniently configure button mappings, autofire and the LEDs, but also set the sticks and triggers exactly as you want them:
Not only the deadzone but even the curve can be adjusted as you like.

You want the stick to react very quickly at first and then more slowly and precisely? No problem. Or would you prefer the other way around, start slowly and then get faster movements more quickly? Sure, that's possible.
The configuration works live! So you can set the curves and deadzones in the app while the controller is connected to the PC and try them out live in the game.

As you can save 4 different profiles and change them at the touch of a button, you can set up the controller for different games.

However, if you only want to assign a button with continuous fire for a short time, you don't need the software. You can do this directly with the special buttons on the controller.

Other special features of the controller

Well-functioning gyro simulation:

The controller has a built-in gyro sensor - but PC gamers know: Gyro is not really supported on the PC.
This is not a problem with the Rainbow 2 Pro: it offers a well-functioning gyro simulation. This means that the gyro sensor can be mapped to an analog stick so that you can control the camera using the gyro sensor, for example. Of course, this works with every game!

Keyboard mapping

The software not only allows you to create macros and remap buttons - you can even map keyboard keys to buttons for quick access to additional functions.

Configurable RGB LED lighting:

I personally don't have a need for RGB lighting - but I know there are many who love it. And this one can be configured completely freely. Color gradients, color transitions, pulsing - or just one color or completely off.  Different colors are particularly practical if you have several controllers, as you can immediately see which controller belongs to which player.

Charging station included

A docking station is included so that the controller has a place to rest after playing and can be charged again straight away.

PS4 / Xbox compatibility

Although the controller does not work directly with the PS4 or Xbox, it does work if you have an original controller.
This is how it works: The Rainbow 2 Pro's 2.4G USB dongle is plugged into the PS4 or XBox and an original PS4 Pro or XBox controller is then plugged into the dongle via USB.

This allows the Rainbow 2 Pro to be used wirelessly on the Xbox and PS4. So if you have a totally worn-out old controller: It's perfect for this.

Support / Tutorials / Further questions

BigBigWon has made a real effort to answer all questions.

There are numerous tutorial videos on this page.
And many questions are answered on this page.

Included in the package

* Rainbow 2 Pro controller
* Docking station
* Two DPad caps
* Three analog stick caps (three different sizes)
* 2.4G USB dongle
* USB-C cable

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