8BitDo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller

The basic version of the Ultimate Controller from 8bitDo - for Android, PC and Steam Deck.

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The Ultimate C Controller is basically a slimmed down and much cheaper version of the Ultimate Controller from 8bitDo.

Compared to the Ultimate, it lacks the docking station, the back buttons (the ones on the bottom of the controller, which I don't even know if people use them... I don't ;))) and it only works with normal PCs (X-Input and D-Input), Android and the Steam Deck, but not the Nintendo Switch. The sticks don't use hall sensosrs, but the sticks on 8BitDo's controllers have always been very good (I've yet to experience any stick drift or other issues on my own unit I've been using for years). And it lacks advanced functions such as macros or change the key assignment (but you can normally do that on the computer). Turbo fire is integrated.

A great, inexpensive wireless controller for PCs, Android and the Steam Deck.

Here's a cool video that compares all Ultimate controllers:

The features at a glance:

* Compatible with Windows, Android and the Steam Deck
* D-Input and X-Input
* Rumble feature
* Battery lasts up to 25 hours and is charged in 2 hours
* Two analog sticks, ABXY, four shoulder buttons and additional menu buttons.
* Works with 2.4GHz wirelessly and via USB cable

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