8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth / 2.4G Controller (with Charging Dock)

The most featured and biggest and best version from the 8BitDo controller series.

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The most featured best wireless controller from 8BitDo - complete with fancy charging station!

The controller not only works with any Bluetooth compatible device (and thus also the Bluetooth receivers for retro consoles), it also comes with a 2.4GHz dongle and can thus be used comfortably and without additional pairing with any device that supports USB controllers.

It also works with the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch - one controller for many systems.

The 2.4GHz dongle can be conveniently stored in the included charging station.

Otherwise, the controller offers everything a gamer's heart desires:
Four shoulder buttons, clickable sticks (with Hall sensors, so virtually drift- and wear-free), two backbuttons, ABXY buttons, a DPad, vibration, and motion controls (only when used with the Nintendo Switch).

Via the Ultimate software from 8BitDo, you can program macros, reassign buttons as well as set sustained fire. Up to three such settings can be saved and recalled during operation with one button press.

Truly the ultimate gaming controller!

Here's a cool video that compares all Ultimate controllers:

The most important at a glance:

* Button to switch custom profile, up to three profiles can be switched during operation
* Mode switch (Bluetooth®, 2.4g)
* Ultimate software for PC and mobile (Android/iOS)
* Motion control (only for Switch)
* Vibration
* Charging cradle
* Switch mode and X-Input mode switchable
* Up to 22 hours of playtime on one charge (charging time approx. 2 - 3 hours)
* Compatible with Bluetooth-compatible devices, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, devices that accept USB joysticks

Technical Details
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Windows PC
Game Controller Type
Game Controller Connection Type
2.4GHz Wireless
Battery capacity
Special Features
Hall Sensor Analog Sticks (no stick drift)
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