Installation of Lynx I McWill Display (Kit is included in the price)

Replaces the display of the Lynx I with a brand new backlit one.

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€121.85 Tax excluded

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Finally, the Lynx gets the display it deserves!

McWills LCD-Replacement kit gives your Lynx I a brand new backlit LCD!

This massively increases the picture quality and also increases the battery time a lot.

The modification also has an optional scanline-simulation (which makes it look VERY authentic!)

We'll do the modification for you!

That's not a problem!

As soon as you place your order (incl. the modification), you'll receive an email with instructions how to ship the device to us.

Be aware that the Lynx HAS to be fully functional!
We'll test it before doing the modification, and in case it doesn't work, we'll send it back (you'll get back your payment for the modification kit in that case, of course)

This offer includes all the needed hardware (McWills modification set). You only need to provide your own Lynx

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