Mister Checkmate Fitting Kit (Basic)

The simplest version to install a Mister in a Checkmate A1500 case

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The simplest version to install a Mister in a Checkmate A1500 case.

It is just a mounting frame on which the Mister can be mounted.
There is also a cable to connect the HDMI port of the Mister to the Checkmate case.

If you want to lead the USB ports out to the back, you need a suitable external USB hub (the one that comes with Andy Brenner's Basic Mister FPGA kit fits) - otherwise you lead the USB cables directly into the case.

The original power supply is used - here you also lead the power cable into the case directly to the Mister.

A really simple solution, which is suitable for everyone who wants to save money and who doesn't care about the not so nice cabling at the back of the case.
Or for all hobbyists who want to put together an optimized Mister setup themselves and need a basic framework for the Checkmate case.

For all those who are looking for a perfect Mister solution, we recommend the Garlic installation kit - this includes an internal power supply, all necessary cables, etc.

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