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For Atari Jaguar. No licensed Atari product.

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The RetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive cartridge allows you to play the full back catalogue of Atari Jaguar games and homebrew directly from a memory card.

The Jaguar GameDrive has full support for all games and sizes of EEPROM (used to save game progress). The EEPROM contents are saved directly to the memory card along with your game, so everything is stored in one place.

You will need to provide a memory card (FAT16 or FAT32 formatted) and your own ROM images (JAG, J64, ROM, BIN, ABS) to play.
The cartridge supports previews of boxart and screenshots in the menu by using MRQ files. A creator for these files can be downloaded from the attachment section below, but you can also find compilations over at the AtariAge Forums (click here).

A selection of freeware games can also be downloaded in the attachments section below.

Here is a video where I show how the Gamedrive work (NeoGeo Pocket, Jaguar and Lynx). It's in German, but you can see the menu navigation and cartridges :)

Hardware Compatibility

* Atari Jaguar without Jaguar CD
* installed EEPROM support for 128, 512 and 2048 byte EEPROMs
* FAT16/32 formatted MMC compatible micro memory card
* JagLink currently not supported

Software Compatability

* All retail games and homebrew working

Note: We don't support ILLEGAL COPIES - don't do that as well!
Only use these modules to play legal BACKUP copies of games you own or for homebrew games!

Technical Details
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Tool to create MRQ-Files for the Atari Jaguar Gamedrive

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