Devwill Too (Sega MegaDrive, PAL)
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Devwill Too (Sega MegaDrive, PAL)

An new platform game for your MegaDrive / Genesis with a unique combo-system!

€38.66 (tax excl.)
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Please note: At the moment, the EU collects 25% (on top of the VAT!) on importing video games and accessories from the US.

That's the reason for the currently high price. The receives more than 12 EUR taxes for each game bought!

We're working together with Mega Cat Studios to impove the situation, but we hope you can live with the higher price and continue to support new developments for retro game consoles at the moment!

Gluf brings a hyper-cat-ual ribbiting experience for fans of all ages, from gentlemanly Tesla Frog enthusiasts to pixel aficionados.

Prepare your mind for this existentialist adventure, as you jump into this classic screen by screen platformer full of challenges and fun! Test your own skills with the innovative combo system that multiplies your score, and unravel the tale through hand-drawn comic cutscenes! Can you became a combo master and unravel the mystery?

The game is being delivered on cartridge that runs on all MegaDrive / Genesis-consoles and includes a printed manual as well as a packaging.


* Innovative Combo System
* Existentialist Narrative
* Hand-Drawn Comic Cutscenes
* Philosophical Gameplay

Brought to the MD by the talented Paulo Andrés de Matos Villalva & Laudelino Nemezes. Published and distributed by Mega Cat Studios

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