Fragmented Almanac (Sega Dreamcast)

A very unique, interesting and immersive game for your Dreamcast.

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In Fragmented Almanac, players embark on a journey through a complex timeline, exploring The Hideout—a repository of alchemical knowledge, ancient tales, and mystical symbols. As a trapped spirit seeking to reunite with its original body, players will unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic realm.

Additionally, players will delve into the alternate universe of Summoning Signals, assuming the role of The Pilot aboard the Sprinter-2 ship, which has crash-landed on an Unknown Planet. Amidst a blend of futuristic technology and ancient ruins, players must navigate the labyrinthine landscapes, repairing their ship and unraveling the secrets of this strange world.


  • A new style of point-and-click adventure with immersive environnement.
  • Unique art style blending photogrammetry and isometric art.
  • Discover the puzzling story and meet enigmatic characters.
  • Completely new Almanac system guides you through the complex world of the Cycles.
  • Eerie soundtrack composed by Gabriel Ledoux.
  • Hints and Art displayed on the VMU (optional).

GENRE: Art Game, Point and Click , Narrative
REGION: Region Free, runs on all MIL/CD compatible VA0 and VA1 consoles.

About the Developer:

ANTIRUINS is a small indie studio from Montréal, Canada. With roots in new media art and retro gaming, they love to experiment with old and new technology to create unusual and uncanny games.

They open-sourced their game engine in 2023 to help the burgeoning Dreamcast homebrew community. The engine will also allow to publish games on Windows and Linux in future updates in 2024.

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