l'Abbaye Des Morts (MegaDrive / Genesis)

A great game in the spirit of Montezuma's Revenge / Monty Mole for your MegaDrive / Genesis. Fans of the series should seriously grab that one!

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Pursued by righteous blades, Jean Raymond attempts to hide in a forgotten abbey. However, he is quickly faced by a new threat - the evil buried within!

If you like games like Pitfall! 2, Monty Mole or Montezuma's Revenge, then you will love l'Abbaye des morts.
The game isn't easy and provides a nice challenge for fans of that genre. Thanks to the excellent controls it's never unfair.


* Unravel a bone-chilling mystery as you explore an abandoned church!
* Test your reflexes and wits with classic adventure gameplay!
* View the game with through different lenses - choose Mega Drive Mode, Gameboy Mode, ZX Spectrum Mode, and more!
* Dodge skeleton archers, acid good, and vengeful ghosts!
* Avoid hazards and hunt for clues to solve the riddles and escape death!

The game runs on all original Genesis / MegaDrive consoles and most clone consoles - except the emulation-based ones.

It comes on cartridge complete with packaging and printed manual.

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