Xump 2 - Back to Space (Genesis) - Physical Version

Xump 2 - A new game by Retroguru. Physical MegaDrive / Genesis release with cartridge, packaging, manual and digital ROM download.

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Xump 2 - "Back to Space"

Help Misuki clean up deserted space fields. Her compatriot Holger lent out his headbot Xump to aid the mission.

Clear all dissoving tiles on single-screen levels by stepping on them on at a time. Some fields contain mines and need extra care in cleaning.
Mines can be detonated when passing by or disarmed when Xump occupies that location for a short duration.

The mission briefing sounds easier said than done!

Details physical release:

* High-Quality cartridge designed and produced in Germany. With replaceable SRAM-Battery in a green cartridge shell.
* Runs on all official MegaDrive / Genesis-Consoles (regardless the reason) and on most (if not all) clone consoles.
* High quality plastic box with turning cover (German / English)
* Full-color printed instruction manual in english and german language
* A digital version of the game can be downloaded directly after your order has been paid. It can be used with flashcarts and emulators.

Xump 2 offers:

* 48 brand new Levels
* 6 atmospheric YM-Tracks
* Beautiful Pixel artwork
* Built in SRAM-Saving system for Highscores and completed levels
* Extras to unlock: The levels of the classic GP32 game Xump Origins (32) and Xump 1 (48) can be unlocked - which gives a total of 128 Levels in the cartridge!

Andrew Lemon, Christian Damm, Denny Müller, Florent Veroce, Jakub Szeląg, Jonathan Dodd, Shahzad Sahaib

Andre Hänsel, Christian Hildenbrand, Ed Mandy, Esraa Alesber, Jason Santuci, Lars Persson, Martin Ahman, Michael Mrozek

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