Misplaced (Sega MegaDrive, PAL)

An cool action puzzler for the MegaDrive.

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Everyday, Hara wakes up on the same island, floating in the clouds. Everyday is the same, identical to the last - a clam yet unceasing limbo.

But today is the day. Today, Hara will unravel the mystery of the sky world.

Join Hara on his exciting, charming puzzle quest and use the unique Record/Playback ability to reveal the enigma of the clouds!

Misplaced is a cool new action puzzle game for your MegaDrive / Genesis console!
It comes on a cartridge fully packaged with full-color instruction manual and plastic box.


* Warp through puzzles with the Record/Playback ability!
* Solve 25 levels of challenging cerebral action!
* Enjoy the soothing soundtrack and charming visuals as you play!
* Meet a quirky cast of characters!
* Unravel the mystery of the clouds!

Misplaced is created, developed, and owned by Retro Souls. Mega Cat Studios is providing physical manufacturing and distribution.

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