DriveRDY (PC-Floppy to Amiga Adapter)

Using this adapter you can use a standard PC 3.5" Floppy drive with your Amiga.

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DriveRDY is a small flexi interface that generates the READY signal necessary for proper operation with Amiga. The interface makes any 3.5" PC drive work with the Amiga, just any PC drive selected for example from an old PC.

The adapter is designed so that the signal is exactly accurate, as it is present in Amiga drives. To achieve this result, Boris used reverse engineering to capture the logic level of the Chinon BZ-354 mechanics.

 DriveRDY is equipped with CMOS logic gates 74HCxxx. Those ICss have a very low current consumption, so there is no need for an external power interface. The power supply simply uses signals from the floppy drive. So just insert the adapter between FDD and Amiga, see photo. 

Tha Adapter was tested on several FDD PCs (Nec, Sony, Epson, Teac, Samsung, Chinon, Panasonic, etc.), more than 40 floppy drives in total.


The adapter has one limitation; With some FDDs it is not possible to use the adapter because it overlaps the power supply of the floppy drive. Some drives have the power supply right above the flat data cable connector and the DriveRDY adapter covers this part. These are some mechanics like Alps or Mitsumi. 

DriveRDY works in DD mode!

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