F(x) Tec Pro1 Replacement LCD

A replacement screen for the F(x) Tec Pro 1 Smartphone.

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If the screen of your F(x) Tec Pro1 is damaged, you can replace it with this brand new one.

It includes the LCD as well as the touchscreen (preassembled), it's a direct replacement.
It ships directly from our store in Germany, Europe.

Please note: The screen is very fragile! To replace it, you need to open up your phone, remove the old one and carefully install the new one!
You also need some very thin double-adhesive tape to properly glue the screen to the frame (not included).
We cannot take any responsibility for any damage done to your phone or screen due to improper installation.

If you are unsure doing it yourself, you can use our replacement service!

Another note: It could be possible that your phone needs a touchscreen firmware update. This needs a rooted OS and a special software which you can request from if you need it. It's only needed if you have issues with the touchscreen after installing the screen (for example, unresponsive edges).
It's possible your phone already has the firmware installed and doesn't need it. Only install it if the touchscreen causes issues!

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