Atari 2600 CleanComp

Add proper composite output to your original Atari 2600 console!

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It’s not new. It’s not fancy. But it is Clean!

The Atari 2600 was a childhood dream for many, initially called the Atari Video Computer System (Atari VCS). However you remember it, the Atari 2600 was an amazing console, hundreds of games all of which are unique in their own right. Some better than others.

One problem with playing retro consoles today is that the video output standards have changed, and so it is very hard to find a TV or monitor that you can play your retro console on. The Atari 2600 is no exception with its RF output that can only be played if you have a VCR, an old TV or a special converter box.

Enter the CleanComp from Six. This internal hardware mod allows you to leave your Atari completely stock without the need to remove a single component, keeping your original console... well, original!

A few solder pads later, and an off-the-shelf RCA cable soldered to the CleanComp and you have yourself a fully composite and S-Video output Atari 2600. It’s that easy.

Bypassing all of the component and RF modulation circuit on the 2600 and instead tapping directly into the TIA chip then recomposing a new, clean composite signal from the luma, sync and chroma outputs, you can be guaranteed the absolute best video signal quality.

With adjustable saturation/noise control to fine-tune that composite and S-Video specifically for your TV (as they all had slightly different standards and levels back then), will get you the perfect color and brightness reproduction as you remember it back in the 80's.

Supporting both PAL and NTSC consoles, stereo audio, and adjustable saturation the CleanComp is the easiest and cleanest composite mod on the market.

Photos in listing are of a photo of a modern TFT playing Pitfall, and then the rest are from a cheap composite capture card to PC to capture images. As you can see even through cheap capture devices the images appear nice and clean.

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