8BitDo 80FE Arcade Stick

A flexible and moddable Arcade Stick.

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This Arcade Stick by 8BitDo is surely one of the best ones available!
You can connect it via USB, Bluetooth or with the included 2,4GHz stick with any PC (or similar systems like the Raspberry Pi), Android and even with the Nintendo Switch!

It features 8 face buttons, two freely configurable ones (using Macros), a SELECT and START button as well as a HOME and SCREENSHOT button (for the Switch).

In case your game doesn't support a DPAD but uses an analog stick: Don't worry, you can simply flip a switch and the Stick will be routed either as DPAD, Left stick or right stick.
Need a bit of help in your shooter? Then use the included autofire function.

What's really awesome:
The controller is VERY modding friendly. It's easy to open and the mounting plate supports sticks and buttons by popular arcade manufacturers.
You can put in Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happy or IL Arcade sticks.

So it's easy to get replacements in the future - or use your favourite stick and button configuration in the system.

The battery supports up to 40 hours of constant gameplay... which should be plenty enough for even the longest session.


• Support Ultimate Software - customize button mapping and create macros
• Ultra-moddable Arcade Stick - Universal mounting plate supports Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happy & IL Arcade Sticks
• Wireless Bluetooth Support
• 2.4g support with included wireless 2.4g receiver
• Wired support with included USB-C cable
• Quick Toggle switch for: D-pad/Left Analog Stick/Right Analog Stick
• 2 Dedicated macro buttons (P1/P2)
• 1000mAh rechargeable battery
• Dedicated Horne and Screenshot buttons for Switch
• Mode switch for instant Switch & x-input
• Turbo Functionality

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