Tribute64 2.4GHz Wireless Controller

A wireless N64 controller for use with the original N64 and most USB-enabled devices

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The Tribute64 2.4GHz Wireless Controller is part of Retro-Bit®’s Platinum Series of controllers dedicated to classic retro gaming consoles.

Designed for use on the N64®’ and USB®’ enabled devices, it features ultimate versatility for any gaming genre. Built with an analog stick utilizing the highest grade in quality, a wide and ergonomic design to boost your gaming experience, and an ample button layout with additional functions for USB devices,  players will enjoy long hours of classic retro gameplay. Built-in rumble and a memory card port will make you experience immersive wireless gaming right at your fingertips!

    • Compatible with Nintendo 64®, Switch, and USB-enabled devices
    • Includes N64 and USB receivers
    • Sensitive, accurate, and high-quality analog stick 
    • Ergonomic design for comfort and extended gameplay
    • Ample button layout with additional functions for use with USB devices
    • Dual Z shoulder pads for maximum grip
    • Built-in rumble Pak and memory card port

*Receivers update via Micro B -USB® (Not Included)
**Rumble feature and memory card port may not be available on all games


Q) What does the controller come with?
A) Included is the controller itself, USB-C charge cable, N64 wireless receiver, USB wireless receiver, and an instruction manual.

Q) How is it powered?
A) It has a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that offers up to 15-20 hours of gameplay (25-30 without rumble) and can fully charge in 1-2 hours.

Q) What is the N64 receiver compatible with?
A) The Retro-Bit N64 wireless receiver is compatible with original N64 consoles. It allows functionality with the Tribute64 wireless controller. The controller slot built into the receiver allows functionality with official and most 3rd party Controller Paks (i.e. memory cards).

Q) Is the N64 receiver compatible with the Transfer Pak?
A) The Transfer Pak is not compatible. For some titles, you can still use the Transfer Pak on an original N64 controller when plugged into a different player slot while you use the Tribute64 Wireless controller.

Q) What is the USB receiver compatible with?
A) The Retro-Bit USB wireless receiver is compatible with PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Various USB capable devices such as Android tablets are also compatible.

Q) How does the built-in rumble work?
A) On the N64, the receiver has two modes: Memory or Rumble. In Rumble Mode, it functions as long as the game title has the feature. When using via USB, if the console you are playing on allows for it, it should be enabled by default. Please note, not all titles on the N64 use the rumble feature and it may not be available on all games.

Q) On the N64®, can rumble be enabled at the same time as the memory card (Controller Pak)?
A) Users must choose one or the other before powering on the console. Please note that disconnecting the wireless receiver or changing the settings while the console is powered on may cause errors.

Q) Will I be able to connect other Retro-Bit 2.4 GHz controllers to these receivers?
A) In short, RetroBit is working to make the Legacy16, Tribute64, and SEGA 2.4 GHz controllers compatible with each receiver. We will provide more information at a later date.

Q) What has changed from the wired version on the controller itself?
A) Beyond the built-in rumble and wireless capabilities, RetroBit has spent much time getting a comfortable feel. The grips are widened a bit, the underside is less restrictive, the DPad was shifted into a more comfortable position, the shoulder buttons were redesigned, and they added a Select and Home button to the top to allow for additional options for modern consoles. Overall, this makes the size a bit bigger than the wired Tribute64.

Q) What about the analog stick?
A) Those familiar with our wired Tribute64 controllers will be quite at home as that familiar feeling is back. Technically, RetroBit were able to get quite close to the original N64 throw range.

Q) How does button mapping work?
A) When using the USB receiver on a console, you are restricted to a default layout based on that console - any remapping will depend on the console, program, or game title itself. Players on PC, Mac, or Android will need to check the program or game title for remapping options as well (the Home and Select buttons are also mappable). Nintendo Switch players can also enjoy full remapping through the console’s settings as the USB receiver will show up as a Pro Controller.
Additionally, several macros have been included that change the layout when playing via USB receiver. Please refer to the instruction manual for more information.

Q) What about Turbo?
A) Currently, they do not have turbo functionality but this may become an option in a future update.

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