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Special consoles, handhelds and Super Nintendo games

Whether you want to play Super Nintendo games on the go, or whether you prefer to enjoy playing them on your TV screen using a console at home, we've got what you need. At Dragonbox.de you can get handhelds, portable netbooks, Pyra consoles and even games for the Playstation 2 or the Commodore 64 as classics on a wide range. But we are also a competent partner for spare parts, modifications and other services.

DragonBox Pyra for fans of Linux and emulators

Dragonbox.de is an online shop founded in 2005 by Michael Mrozek aka EvilDragon which was previously known as the GP2X Shop. The founder was among others involved in the development of the Linux handheld OpenPandora. The self-developed, Linux-based and portable computers are characterized by their individuality. Play Super Nintendo games like Corn Buster or Legend on the bus or train or watch movies and listen to music - you as a user have no limits with our advanced DragonBox Pyra. Although playing is in the foreground, but you can also create Office documents or use the device for other purposes. With some interest in programming, you have many options thanks to open source.

Mobile and powerful devices

Our focus lies mostly on mobile devices that are easy to carry in a backpack or in your pocket. For example, our GPD Pocket Mini Netbook, which can be carried comfortably in a small pocket at 180 x 106 x 18.5 mm. At the same time, there are no restrictions on usage in terms of function. Internet, programming, games, just as you like. The GPD Win 2 offers you even more performance and quality. The integrated processor is comparable to an Intel Core i7-3770K processor. In conjunction with the Intel HD 3D graphics processor offers you a fluid gaming pleasure with impressive computing power. Alternatively, Atari Flashback Portable Handheld or the GPD XD Plus, which plays retro games such as Super Nintendo games or PlayStation games.

Dreamcast or Super Nintendo games and many more classics

In addition to handhelds and consoles, we offer you a well-stocked selection of classic games for the Commodore 64, Dreamcast, Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo games as well as an extensive range of accessories such as controllers, card readers, memory cards, video cables, power supplies, bags and protective boxes. You will find everything you need in our shop so you can enjoy playing on retro consoles. No more searching for hardware and games that are hardly anywhere else.

Tool set and GameGear handheld LCD modification

To keep your retro device working for a long time, we also offer a toolset for consoles and games. Likewise, spare parts such as a game gear capacitor kit or a capacitor kit for the Amiga 600 or 1200. You love the old GameGear handheld, but you want to improve it? We gladly do an LCD modification for you. With a new and backlit LCD, the quality of the GameGear display is vastly improved.

Modification and repairs by experienced professionals

If you have enough soldering experience and have the necessary tools, you can do the modification yourself. You can order the McWills LCD kit in our online shop. We also have modification kits for a better sound on the MegaDrive II as well as suitable solutions for the LCD modification of the Lynx I. We'll also replace capacitors in the C64 or repair your Pandora. Repairs, modifications or Super Nintendo games, we cover a wide variety of products to keep retro systems alive. If you have any questions just contact us, we help and support our customers wherever we can.