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Mini PC, GPD and Retro Games from the retailer - great choice for technology fans

You are a gamer looking for retro games, consoles, mini PC, GPD and Co? Then you are exactly right with us. We offer you a large selection of original products around the topic of games from the good old days. In addition to really rare specimens, we have specialized in the mini PC. These little technical marvels offer you all the advantages you could wish for from one device: the various devices with Windows guarantee maximum comfort in a small space. Because the small versions of the PC are so handy, you can take them everywhere to enjoy your games on the go or to do things virtually.

Devices for a fair price

All equipment from our range we offer you at a fair price. Especially in direct comparison to ordinary tower PCs or laptops, for example, the GPD Win 2 offers you a lot of comfort. It is a full-fledged PC, which meets all the requirements of modern technology and provides plenty of fun on the World Wide Web or in virtual game worlds. Since we always keep our prices transparent and allow us to trade with us, you can also send us a non-binding price proposal for this and many other devices in the PC category. We'll take care of your request as soon as possible, so that you can soon hold the coveted device in your hands.

Service and expertise from the professional

Since we have a lot of experience in technology in general and in the category of retro games and mini PC in particular, you benefit as a customer through selected products. We only offer items that we fully support. In addition to a top product range, we guarantee our customers a very good service. It does not matter whether it's about shipping, return or warranty - you can always count on us as a trusted dealer. Convince yourself of our reliability, but by looking at the reviews of our customers. In addition, we provide you with detailed information from the specialist for every single product in our shop. Especially in the field of GPD, it is very important to be sufficiently informed in advance about all components. For this reason, we already consider much more for you than a product image and the corresponding price. Under each product you will find therefore beside technical key data helpful questions with appropriate answers to the article.

Mini PC, GPD and Retro games easy to order online

Especially in the market of the Retro division, many products are a rare commodity. Customers appreciate that we still offer a wide selection that includes products that are difficult to find elsewhere. Especially the GPD devices and the Mini PC convince our customers above all by the small size with a high efficiency - also in this product line we are professionals. In addition, the themes of Retro Gaming and Mini PC fit together optimally, because on the GPD devices can be emulated quite gorgeous old consoles. In this way it is possible to gamble even very old games wonderfully and without much effort - as in ancient times! On the other hand, if you put a lot of emphasis on having everything in the original, then you're in the mood for Retro Console - here we have a wide selection of devices. If you have questions about the range, then do not be afraid to contact us directly.