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Console games, homebrew and more from the Dragon Box Shop

You love console games of all kinds? Then you are exactly right with us, because we offer you a large selection of great games from almost every genre and for very different platforms. In addition to the console games and matching accessories you will also find numerous products from the Homebrew area.
Since we have been dealing with all aspects of modern gaming and retro-gaming for a long time, we are very familiar with the subject matter and accordingly compile our goods according to strict criteria. It is particularly important to us to be able to offer a wide variety of options for every player - regardless of whether our customers are looking for pure action or are looking for a quiet after-work game. If you are still looking for a suitable gift for someone who likes to play at the console, you will also find it.

Homebrew productions for developers

If you are a developer yourself or would like to try your hand at leisure in this area, we are happy to supply you with the suitable articles from the category Homebrew. If you have made it your goal to bring out your own game on the right module soon, then we wish you a lot of fun and success. We would like to contribute our part to your project. For this purpose, we provide you with various flash cards or completely flashed modules. It does not matter if you just want to develop a small test production or if you want to go mass production: High-quality technology is essential for your success. To be able to flash your game on the modules, you have to select the right flashcard. If any problems arise, we are happy to help you. Our friendly and competent staff will ensure that you find the right product for you and your needs with us.

We also help with repairs and spare parts

If you urgently need certain spare parts, feel free to look around in the appropriate category. In addition to LCD covers, you will find here among other replacement mats, LCDs, console mods and various tools. Of course, the products in this area are high quality and fully functional, so you have a long time something from the repaired device or from the console. If you are still looking for a way to better orientation, then check out the reviews under the respective products. Here we give our customers the opportunity to write a small text about the product. At this future buyers can orient themselves even better. Of course, we also put a lot of emphasis on precise descriptions of our products. Whether homebrew, repair, game or other products - the description will help you as a rule on and provides important information and exciting details on the subject.

Original gift wanted? Voucher from us

In addition to the above products, we also sell coupons in our shop. If you know someone who really likes games, homebrew, and other gaming related things, this is a very original gift idea. Sometimes it's better to grab a coupon instead of a classic gift. That way, you can be sure that the recipient can actually start investing money and the gift does not end up somewhere in the corner. We have put together the vouchers so that you can choose the amount you want to invest. Here ranges from 10 euros to 500 euros. Order, shipping and payment work naturally uncomplicated and fast.