Ras1ution2 (Racing Wheel Converter for PS5/ Switch/Xbox Racing Games)

This converter supports over 80% of all steering wheels and connects them to the PS5/PS4/PS3, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 360, Xbox One consoles.

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Brook breaks the platform boundaries and develops a brand-new converter, Ras1ution 2, for racing wheel, supporting to use on such console platforms as PS5/PS4/PS3, SWITCH, and Xbox Series and being compatible with wheel controllers on market!

No limits for having fun. Don’t need to compromise. From now on, you can use the racing wheels you’re accustomed to enjoy racing games on various platforms!

Ras1ution 2 supports force feedback and steering range settings. You can set personal force feedback strength and adjust the sensitivity of racing wheels in the exclusive APP so as to create true racing experiences!

It's easy to setup and configure. Here's a small video that shows how it works:

Technical Details
Nintendo Switch