Everdrive-N8 Pro Famicom

For the Famicom. No licensed Nintendo product.

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Note: It's possible to order the flashcarts even when they are not in stock. We regularly replenish our stock - and we always order more than we have outstanding pre-orders.

However, the Everdrives come from the Ukraine and therefore it can take up to 4 weeks for them to be delivered to us. During this period, pre-orders are still possible, so it may well be that there are none left to order from stock, as all the ones we receive have already been pre-ordered.

Therefore, if you want to make sure you receive a cartridge as quickly as possible, pre-ordering is the best option.
You can cancel your pre-order at any time and will of course receive your money back.

Everdrive-N8 Famicom flash cartridge for the Famicom with Mico-SD/MMC interface.

If you are a collector, you might also have experienced that some of your old cartridges stopped working...

What would you say if there was a way to make sure you can still play your old games for the next years on your original console?

Well, that's possible!

 This allows playing NES and Famicom programs and games on the original Famicom console by simply copying the game files on a standard SD Card.
Ideal for homebrew and playing legal backups of your old cartridges.

This is the Pro version, which is a big improvement over the normal version.
You can see the differences further down.

The features:

* Cyclone IV FPGA
* 16MB of ROM memory. 8MB for PRG and 8MB for CHR
* 256K of battery ram for saves
* Real time clock for logging date and time of saves
* High quality 6-layers PCB
* ARM based 32bit I/O co-processor for SD and USB operations acceleration
* Up to 1024 files per folder, or unlimited if file sorting disabled
* Wide support of file systems: FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT
* In-game menu. You can save game or return to system menu without physical reset
* Multi slot save states. 100 independent slots for save states
* Instant ROM loading
* USB port for development and system update without removing SD card
* Improved audio mixing circuit with op amp
* Dedicated button, which is used for swap FDS disk side or as alternate method to call Save State menu
* Built-in NSF player with expansion chips support (VRC6, VRC7, Sunsoft-5b, Namco-163)
* Battery voltage monitoring. Battery can be replaced in time if it going dry
* Ultra low battery ram consumption. Estimated battery life 25 years
* Wide range of supported mappers
* NES2.0 support
* Game Genie cheats

Comparison table between the N8 and N8 Pro:

N8 ProN8
ROM Memory Size16MB (2x 8MB)1MB (2x 512kB)
Save RAM256Kbyte SRAM128Kbyte SRAM
FPGA CoreAltera Cyclone IV, 6.2 LEsAltera Cyclone II, 4.6K LEs
SD Operations Speed4.8MB/s110kB/s
Save State Slots991
In-Game MenuYesNo
Max Files per Folder1024254
Audio Mixing CircuitOp-AmpSimple Resistor Mixer
USB PortYesNo (can be manually added)
Real Time Clock (RTC)YesNo
Correct Bus Conflicts HandlingYesNot possible (HW Limitations)
Supported File SystemsFAT/FAT16/FAT32/exFATFAT/FAT16/FAT32
Lag Free MenuYesNo (Slow Menu navigation)
Dedicated Button for in-game menu /FDS SwapYesNo
I/O Co-ProcessorYesNo
System Files Fragmentation SupportYesNo
Software Core Update through SD (OS)YesYes

Note: We don't support ILLEGAL COPIES - don't do that as well!
Only use these modules to play legal BACKUP copies of games you own or for homebrew games!

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